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For Kiosk

It's thought to be among the cheapest franchises of Haldiram, one of the three. complete cost investment required about 50 to 60 lakhs and entire distance required about 1000 to 1500sq ft )


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Fast Service Restaurants

Complete cost investment required 1 to 1.5 crore is enough to open this restaurant along with the entire space about needed 2000 to 3000sq ft


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Casual Dining

This franchise is thought to be the most costly franchise. Total cost investment required about 70 to 80 lakhs and needed total distance about 1000 to 2000sq ft.

Haldiram Franchise In India

How to start Haldiram Franchise? here is details about Haldiram Franchise , Distributorship & Dealership cost, investment, profit margin contact details.

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about us of Haldiram Franchise 

Haldiram is a famous sweets and snacks manufacturing company with manufacturing plants in locations such as New Delhi, Noida, Nagpur, and Gurgaon. Shri Ganga Bhishen Agarwal founded the company in 1937 in the city of Bikaner, Rajasthan. The company opened its first manufacturing plant in Kolkata, and then in 1970, a larger manufacturing plant was opened in Jaipur. In 1990, the company opened another manufacturing plant in Delhi.

Haldiram Franchise | Haldiram Distributor | Haldiram Dealership

Haldiram franchise guide for beginners, 2021

Haldiram is a well-known sweets and snacks manufacturer with plants in Kolkata (its original manufacturing plant), New Delhi and Noida. In 1937, Shri Ganga Bhishen Agarwal founded Haldiram. The largest exporters are Australia, the United States, Canada, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Australia. Due to the large number of Indians living abroad, Haldiram products have seen an increase in demand.

A Haldiram franchise has been a dream comes true for you. Sources say that Haldiram is considering opening stores in Indian cities. For those looking to invest in profitable, brand-name ventures, this franchise is a great opportunity.

Does Haldiram offer start-up training?

The training required to become a Haldiram Franchisee is minimal compared with other brands. They are seeking business partners that can provide long-term service to the city. Haldiram values good business relationships and a record of accomplishment of success. The company will provide a detailed operating manual to franchisees. There is a 2-week training period. During set-up, storeowners will be provided with field assistance by Haldiram. The Haldiram solutions and systems will be included in the franchise.

Owners will receive expert guidance from the head offices in Delhi or Kolkata. Haldiram is expanding at an impressive pace. This brand is highly sought after. It is important to understand that modern shops in prime locations require more investment than stores in busy markets. This will reflect your goal to make a profit from your store.

Is Haldiram a profitable franchise?

The company has a turnover of more than 400 Cr. INR. Its brand value stands at 1,500 Cr. INR. Haldiram has more than 20% market share in India. Because Haldiram, a Bikaner-based snack store, was the first to offer ready-to-eat snacks 70 year ago, they are now trendy. According to Haldiram’s plan, it plans to expand their South-West India franchise network over the next five-years. It is a lucrative business opportunity to own a Haldiram franchise. You will be known in the community once you become one of Haldiram’s franchisee.

How the process starts?

Haldiram franchises are available in three formats: casual dining, kiosk, or restaurants that offer fast service. A simple dining store can cost anywhere from 1 Cr up to 4 Cr. Kiosks are simple to set up and require little investment. You must have proper Haldiram licensing before you can sell your products. Quick Service Restaurants do not need a lot of space. This Haldiram franchise will require approximately 1 to 3 Cr in liquid cash. All three models have proven successful in India.



Your investment will determine which model you choose. For casual dining, Haldiram franchises need at least 2000 to 5000 square feet. The kiosks should measure between 75 and 100 feet long. Haldiram restaurants require 1000-1500 square feet. Your market and location will influence your profits.

Documents needed

You will need to submit some documents regarding your personal and financial records to get the Haldiram franchise. The company must have this information to be transparent and legitimate. As you enter this venture, you will need to have all of your legal and personal information. You will need to have personal documents such as id proof (Aadhar card or pan card, voter id cards and other id cards), address proof (you can provide your ration card and electricity bill), other documents include bank account with passbook, photograph email id and phone number. You must provide not only your personal documents but also your property documents.

What will be your initial investment?

Haldiram has a franchise agreement for a nine-year term. As a loyalty payment, they will receive 2.5% each year. The location will determine the business turnover. Rates and charges for Tier 2 or 1 cities are different as determined by Haldiram. Rates for Tier 1 cities (metropolitans) are higher compared to Tier 2. It can be difficult to get Haldiram franchise permits due to their strict policies. It is important to have a professional, direct conversation with them.

A franchise agreement must be signed by the company and the franchisee. There will be a signing document between the company and the. These conditions can be difficult and you need to keep a positive outlook. The internet does not provide exact information. Profits will be determined by where the Haldiram outlet is located and what Haldiram franchisee has chosen. Anyone with enough capital and business acumen can make huge profits.

The product line of Haldiram

Haldiram has over 400 products, including cookies, namkeens, snacks, sweets and papads. They also offer shakes and many other regional and traditional dishes. It also produces ready-to-eat food products. It is because machinery was imported from America. Inside a Haldiram distributor, the ingredients are mixed together with fresh seasonings and spices. The process is professionally managed by skilled workers to ensure the highest quality standards. To ensure that the food tastes good, they are thoroughly tested before it is sent for further processing.



Haldiram's model of business

You can make a lot of money by purchasing a Haldiram franchise. Haldiram enjoys steady and substantial sales throughout the year, and a rise in holiday demand. Since 1937, the brand reputation has been well maintained. Haldiram products are loved for their authentic taste. Because it is a household product, Haldiram is the market leader in Indian snacks.

Although there are few emerging competitors on the market, they are not in the same league as the rest. Haldiram is an established brand that does not require a marketing strategy. Word of mouth promotion is the best. Franchisees of Haldiram can promote their presence by hoardings and print media, as well as advertisements in digital media.

Unlimited benefits of Haldiram franchise

Starting a Haldiram franchise has many benefits. Indian spices producer Haldiram is well known among Indian consumers. Haldiram has now become a daily household name. Haldiram's outlets offer packaged snacks like moog dhal and bujiya. This makes distribution and management easier. It also has a high inventory turnover rate. A Haldiram franchise allows you to keep the brand's name and can result in huge sales. You will make huge profits with Haldiram's holiday specials and gift packs. Indians love sweets and snacks. For decades, Haldiram has been a source for happiness for Indian families.

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Haldiram's is the Most reasonable Indian Snacks Outlet. And best quality sweets are available here. Haldiram so far has no competition in this regard.

- Tina & James Heart

An extremely cramped place to eat. Worst, due to space constraints there is no seating and only standing tables are provided to have a bite.The quality of stuff is gr8 and it is best to have a take away. Gr8 variety of food and sweets.

- Mary van den Reich

Haldiram's is famous we all know. Test and quality is awsome. Cost is little higher than other restaurants but quality is number one.

- Paul & Susan Taylor




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